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UTI Teleconsultation


A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of your urinary system, most often the bladder and urethra. If you’re experiencing any of the below symptoms, you may have a UTI:

Smelly / cloudy pee

Burning sensation when peeing

Blood in pee

Needing to pee suddenly / more often 

With Ease, you can both stay home and stay on top of your sexual & reproductive health. See a doctor online and get answers fast, avoid the clinic, and have your treatment delivered - all from the comfort of your home.


  • Consult with doctors experienced in sexual & reproductive health.

  • Medication prescribed and delivered to you in as little as 24hrs (charged separately post-consultation)

NOTE: if you’re experiencing severe symptoms or bleeding, please call 995 or seek in person care at your nearest clinic or hospital immediately

Expert care from the comfort of your home

Here's how it works

You Tell us

We Review 

We deliver

Fill in our health questionnaire and speak with one of our doctors.

Our doctor will evaluate your needs and issue a prescription (if appropriate).

We deliver your treatment to you in discreet, unbranded packaging.

What our customers are saying

A Game-Changing Platform
"This is a game-changing platform for women and should be celebrated more. My whole experience was seamless from start to finish with very helpful and responsive customer service. It's very user friendly and the consultation with the doctor was very efficient. No more waiting for hours in the clinics!"

~ Anastasia

Taking care of yourself shouldn't be hard

We make it simple in 3 ways


Request a prescription whenever you want. No more scheduling problems or time-consuming clinic visits.


Save money on clinic consultations, transport, and time off work to see a doctor.


Speak with a doctor online from the comfort and privacy of your home

Not sure what's wrong?

Our doctors are here to help. During the health questionnaire and teleconsultation with the doctor, you can describe your symptoms, obtain a diagnosis, and get treatment. You’ll also get to learn more about your condition and get prevention tips for the future.

UTIs at a glance

Between 50% - 60% of adult women will have at least one UTI in their life. It's completely normal, and we're here to help you treat and prevent them.

Who are your doctors?

What can I expect from the teleconsultation?

All doctors on our platform are local licensed doctors with years of experience in sexual and reproductive health. When you sign up for a teleconsultation, you will be provided with the name and license number of the doctor who will attend to you

The teleconsultation lasts up to 10 minutes. Our doctors will discuss your symptoms, and if appropriate, prescribe your treatment. You’ll also have the chance to ask about your condition, the treatments available, and get advice on how to prevent the condition from occurring again in the future.

What happens if a UTI is left untreated?

Can I claim the teleconsultation under my insurance plan?

UTIs can get in the way of healthy sex life. They can also cause long-term problems. Untreated UTIs can cause recurrent infections and possibly long-term kidney damage.

Major insurance companies may provide plans that cover medical consultations through video call. Please check with your insurance provider if your plan covers this. We will provide you with any documentation you need for you to make your claim. 

Frequently asked questions

A compra é segura?

Sim, usamos a Eduzz, uma plataforma reconhecida em todo Brasil e com sistema seguro de pagamento.

Como funciona a garantia?

Você tem 7 dias de garantia incondicional. Se você achar que o curso não é para você, você tem 7 dias a partir da data de compra para solicitar seu reembolso. Basta nos comunicar, que devolveremos 100% do valor pago, sem perguntas ou questionamentos.

Por quanto tempo terei acesso?

Você terá acesso ao cursos por 2 ANOS. Durante este período, poderá ver e rever as aulas quantas vezes quiser.

Terei suporte? Como faço para tirar minhas dúvidas?

Sim, você terá o auxílio do professor para sanar quaisquer dúvidas que você tenha relacionado ao conteúdo do curso. Você pode enviar suas dúvidas por e-mail, deixar as dúvidas nos comentários das aulas ou no grupo exclusivo de mentoria. Todas as perguntas são respondidas diretamente pelo professor!

Após a compra o acesso é imediato?

O acesso é liberado imediatamente após a confirmação do pagamento! Para pagamento via cartão de crédito a confirmação do pagamento é praticamente imediata. Para pagamento via boleto, a aprovação da transação pode demorar de 2h a 48h. Mas assim que seu pagamento for confirmado, você receberá o acesso ao curso imediatamente.

Terei Certificado?

Sim! Ao fim do curso, você poderá emitir seu certificado de conclusão. Certificado de 16hs

Posso parcelar no boleto?

Não, o pagamento no boleto é apenas à vista. O parcelamento só é possível com cartão de crédito, mas você pode usar 2 cartões diferentes para sua compra.

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