Returns Policy

No returns or refunds


Due to the nature of our products, including our test kits and birth control medication, we are unfortunately unable to offer any returns or refunds, unless these products are faulty, wrongly described or different from what you had purchased.


This applies even if you experience side effects or react negatively to a particular type of birth control. This is why we recommend customers who are first-time users of birth control, or who wish to switch birth control brands, to purchase a one-month’s supply until they are comfortable with their new birth control pills. 

Collection of samples


In order for our labs to provide accurate results for your STI tests, all samples will need to be collected, handled and stored in accordance with the instructions provided. This is because all samples will decay after some time, and this rate of decay depends on how they are handled and stored. 


If for any reason, you are unclear about anything regarding sample collection, please reach out to us. If our labs are unable to process your samples because they have been improperly collected or handled, you will be provided with another test kit, free of charge. However, this means you’ll have to repeat the sample collection process. Hence, it’s always better to try to get it right the first time if you can!