Birth Control Consultation
For questions about birth control options or switching brands of pills.
A healthy life includes a healthy sex life. Receive discreet, professional care and have your prescription medication delivered in unmarked packaging to your doorstep in just a few simple steps.
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From $20
Birth Control Pills
Get your birth control pills delivered to
your doorstep.
From $29
At-Home STD Test Kits
Check for some of the most common STDs by gathering samples at home.
Coming Soon
Emergency Contraception
Get emergency contraception delivered to you within 24hs.
From $25
Contraceptive Patch
Get your monthly pack of contraceptive patches delivered to your doorstep.
From $56
Sexual Health Consultations (UTIs, Yeast Infection & Bacterial Vaginosis)
Speak to a doctor about your symptoms and get your medication delivered.
From $20
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You Receive
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 Answer a few questions online about your
medical history.
Our licensed physicians will review your answers and issue a prescription/lab request form.
We deliver your medication/test kit to your doorstep. Test results are delivered via email.

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A Game-Changing Platform
"This is a game-changing platform for women and should be celebrated more. My whole experience was seamless from start to finish with very helpful and responsive customer service. It's very user friendly and the consultation with the doctor was very efficient. No more waiting for hours in the clinics!"

~ Anastasia

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