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Answer a few questions online and get your birth control patches delivered to your doorstep.
Includes: medical review, prescription, birth control patch box, and delivery.
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Answer a few questions about your medical history. First time using the patch? You can also schedule a 10 min video consultation.
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One of our licensed physicians will review your answers and issue a prescription according to your needs.
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We will deliver your birth control patch to your doorstep in discreet packaging.

What is the patch?

The patch is a safe and convenient birth control method that works really well if used correctly. You wear the patch on certain parts of your body, and it releases hormones through your skin that prevent pregnancy. It is 91% effective (same as the pill) and you change it weekly!
The patch should be applied once a week for 3 weeks and then not for 1 week. Your menses should begin during the 7-day patch free period. A barrier method of contraception (e.g. condoms), is recommended for the first 7 days the first time you begin using the patch. The patch is meant to be applied on clean, dry and hairless skin (buttock, abdomen, upper outer arm, upper back).

Online Contraceptive Patch Request

Getting your patches delivered to your door means saving money on consultations, transportation, and the time you may need to take off work to see a doctor.
With Ease, you can request a prescription whenever you want, meaning no more scheduling problems or time-consuming trips to the doctor’s office.
Unless you're a first-time user, you will not need to have any real-time contact with a doctor. Also, we use discreet packaging when sending your order so that you can have maximum peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

I don't know what to order. Can you help me choose?

If you’re unsure what type of birth control method or brand may work best for you, our medical providers will be able to recommend healthy options for you. Simply sign up, go to "birth control", select "get started", and fill up a short form with information about your medical history. In the same form you can choose to schedule a 10-mins consultation with one of our physicians to discuss your options.

How effective is the patch?

If you use it perfectly, the patch is 99% effective. But people aren’t perfect, and it can be easy to make a mistake — so in reality, the patch is about 91% effective. The better you are about changing your patch on time, the better it will work [Source: Planned Parenthood]

How long can I be on the pill? Will I have trouble getting pregnant later on?

As long as there is no medical reason to stop taking the pill, you can be on it for years, whether it is to regulate their menstrual cycle, treat cramps or protect against pregnancy. The best part? You can stop taking the pill at any point if you decide you do want to get pregnant; there is no change in fertility with the use of birth control pills.

Why get birth control patches online?

Although many women are used to getting birth control through their doctor’s office, you can now get the same options online for less hassle. Ease offers extensive support to anyone exploring different birth control options and methods, and free shipping once you decide which route you want to take. Getting birth control online instead of in person has a number of benefits, including: Convenience. With Ease, you can request a prescription whenever you want or need it, saving you any scheduling problems or time-consuming trips to the doctor’s office. Accessibility. When visiting a doctor, you usually only have a few minutes to get all of your questions answered. The medical team here at Ease can answer whatever questions you might have, when you have them. Savings. Getting your patches delivered straight to your door means saving money on transportation, parking, and the time you may need to take off work to see your doctor. Getting your birth control online may feel like a leap, so feel free to contact a member of our team for further information.

How does it work?

Once you decide to get birth control online, what exactly happens next? Our process puts you in the driver’s seat: 1. Request your prescription. Just answer a few health questions on our online intake form. If you're a first-time birth control patch user you can also have to have a consultation with one of our physicians which costs $20. 2. Our doctors review your health profile. After carefully evaluating your needs, one of our licensed providers will write a prescription (if medically appropriate). 3. We deliver your patches in discreet, unmarked packaging in order to protect your privacy. Shipping is always free, unless you opt for our 24 hour delivery service. 4. Depending on whether you bought 1 or 3-months of birth control patches we will send you email reminders to let you know when it's time to order your new pack.

Does Ease accept health insurance for birth control?

Not at the moment.

How is birth control from Ease shipped?

Ease offers free shipping for birth control pills/patches, delivered by Singpost via 2-3 day tracked shipping. No signature is required for delivery of birth control. We also offer a 24hs shipping service via a private courier for an additional shipping fee of $20 (this means you can opt to get your birth control pills or patches delivered to you within 24hs). The packaging is discreet, with no mention of Ease or a pharmacy on the outside of the envelope.

Is Ease a clinic / pharmacy?

We are not a pharmacy, nor are we a licensed clinic. Ease is a digital health platform designed to make access to sexual and reproductive health services more convenient and afforable through the use of technology. We work closely with licensed doctors, retail pharmacies and STI testing labs in order to make the process of attending consultations, obtaining a prescription/STI test, and receiving your medication/test results as streamlined and as convenient as possible.

How do I use the patch?

1. Take the patch off the foil and peel half of the clear layer of plastic away from the patch (Try not to touch the sticky part with your fingers, and place that sticky half on your belly, upper outer arm, buttocks (butt cheeks), or back). Pull off the other half of the plastic and press the whole patch to your skin. Hold it in place with the palm of your hand for 10 seconds. 2. Always put the patch on clean, dry skin. Don’t use lotion, oils, powder, or makeup on the skin where you put your patch — that can keep the patch from sticking. The patch is made to stay in place while swimming, sweating, or in a jacuzzi, bathtub, shower, or sauna. Check your patch every day to make sure it’s sticking. 3. When you take your old patch off, fold it in half so it sticks together, seal it in a plastic bag, and throw it in the trash. Don’t flush it down the toilet. [Source: Planned Parenthood]

Can I wear the patch when I shower/swim/sweat?

Yes! The patch is made to stay in place while swimming, sweating, or in a jacuzzi, bathtub, shower, or sauna. Check your patch every day to make sure it’s sticking.

Does the patch have side effects?

Very similar to the birth control pill! The hormones in the birth control patch may cause side effects in some people. But this doesn’t happen to everyone — many people use the patch with no problems.

  • After starting the patch, some people may have:
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Sore breasts
  • Changes in your periods (early, late, or stopping altogether while on the patch)
  • Spotting (light bleeding or brown discharge)
  • Sore skin where the patch goes
The good news is that these side effects usually go away in 2-3 months.

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