Who we are

We are a digital health startup focused on making access to sensitive health services more convenient, affordable and discreet. Our team is made up of doctors, activists and creatives on a mission to raise awareness about sensitive healthcare issues like sexual health and develop solutions to make taking care of yourself a simple and empowering experience.

Where we come in

When it comes to sensitive health services, the typical consumer experience is inconvenient, expensive and uncomfortable. That's where we come in. We are developing a new healthcare paradigm that is both technology-based and consumer-focused. Our platform allows consumers to access sensitive health services from the comfort of their homes in a manner that is safe, private and cost-effective. 
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Lack of
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Barriers to sexual and reproductive healthcare access in Singapore
* based on 106 answers to a survey conducted by Ease

What we believe in

Sexual and reproductive rights

We believe that you should be the one making the decisions about your body and that access to sexual and reproductive health is a basic human right.

Accessible healthcare

Healthcare should be accessible, affordable, and convenient for everyone - where you need it and when you need it. No exceptions.

Zero-judgement and privacy

We advocate for discrete and judgement-free access to healthcare. No more raised eyebrows or uncomfortable questions at the clinic. 

Education and support

We believe that education is key to taking control of one's health. We are on a mission to spread knowledge, generate discussion, and create support networks.

What our customers are saying

A Game-Changing Platform
"This is a game-changing platform for women and should be celebrated more. My whole experience was seamless from start to finish with very helpful and responsive customer service. It's very user friendly and the consultation with the doctor was very efficient. No more waiting for hours in the clinics!"

~ Anastasia

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DISCLAIMER: Ease is a digital health platform which facilitates the provision of healthcare services by connecting its users with licensed doctors, pharmacies and other licensed healthcare institutions. Ease itself is neither a licensed clinic nor a licensed pharmacy. Ease does not prescribe, store or dispense any medication. All medication purchased by Ease on behalf of its users come from licensed retail pharmacies. For further information, refer to our terms of use