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Staying on top of your health and wellness should be a convenient, affordable and discreet process. Skip the clinic queue and access quality care online.

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Taking care of yourself shouldn't be hard

We broke it down into 3 steps

You tell us

Fill in our health questionnaire and schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

We review 

Our physicians will review your answers and issue a prescription or arrange your test.

We deliver

We deliver your medication or assist with your at-home sample collection. Receive test results within 7 days.


Consult a doctor, request medication or get tested from the comfort and privacy of your home


No more scheduling problems or time-consuming trips to the clinic


Save on consultations, transportation, and time off work to see a doctor

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Services we offer

Here are four ways you can manage your health and wellness





See a doctor online and get your medication delivered in as little as 24hrs.

Stay in control of your sexual & reproductive health with contraception delivered to you.

Stay on top of your testing needs from the comfort of your home.

First time on birth control? Unsure about your condition? We're here to help.


Expert care and quality guidance

We work with local licensed doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals who are passionate about empowering individuals to take control of their health and wellness. The Ease team believes that everyone deserves access to quality, non-judgmental healthcare, and that transparent and honest communication is crucial to a fulfilling patient experience.

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"This is a game-changing platform for women and should be celebrated more. My whole experience was seamless from start to finish with very helpful and responsive customer service. It's very user friendly and the consultation with the doctor was very efficient. No more waiting for hours in the clinics!"

~ Anastasia




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